Clare Spanks Men had to be made.. for too long now I've noticed that the guys out there have been getting away with too much. Now I get to put them in their place and teach them some lessons.. many lessons.. in the same way I do with the ladies. You have no idea how much I love spanking men!

Sexy Ladies spanking bad men! Men really getting their comeuppance!
See me, Clare Fonda, grab these naughty guys and pull down their boxers for some hard OTK.

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Briella Jaden Spanks Her Uncle

When Briella Jaden catches her Uncle George spying on her, she gives him two choices - 1. She can tell her mom's sister what happened or 2. He can get over her knee for a long, hard, painful spanking with her hand and wooden hairbrush. He takes the punishment that leaves him squirming and sore for weeks.

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