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Exclusive Education 4
Clare Fonda's Exclusive Education series is one of the hottest girl-girl classroom spanking series ever! Miss Fonda and Principal Miller (Lana) get to grips with the job of spanking a new class of girls every year. The Class of '09 in Exclusive Education 4 features Lily Anna, Sara Faye, Ashli Orion, Natalie Minx, Samantha Grace, Ariel X and Madison Martin, and there is a new teacher called Miss Snow (Snow Mercy). The girls have finished in 13th place in the spelling bee (last place) and to celebrate their teachers take them on an outing.

During the outing Miss Snow leaves the girls unattended and a fight breaks out between some of the ladies that soon has them all brawling on the floor. Principal Miller returns to chaos and announces that every girl will be spanked on her bare bottom. She and Miss Snow spank the girls two-at-a-time over the knee. But, during the punishments other misdemeanors lead to further spankings with the hairbrush. And, maybe a certain teacher who was meant to be looking after the girls should have been on duty too. Looks like Miss Snow may be in trouble too...

The latest in this famous spanking saga! Strict classroom-style spankings!
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