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Alicia P

Alicia Panettiere is a popular switch on the spanking scene and this is the place where we explore her spanking stories. In a way they are disciplinary fantasy as Alicia craved corrections when she was growing up but her family let her have her way on most occasions. She wanted so badly for an altercation with her mother to end in an OTK session so she could truly learn her lesson. Here she plays out several real-life situations and lets Clare Fonda provide an appropriate ending which of course involves a bare bottom spanking. Alicia is strong and furious when OTK and Clare has to hold her in place and issue the correction with hand and hairbrush. Alicia's bare bottom gets very red and her face is wet with tears but this is the point such a headstrong young lady must arrive at before she really feels the full effect of her punishment. The Alicia Panettiere collection on Spanked Sweeties shows her receiving many hard corrections, corner time, mouthsoapings and having her bare bottom beaten with the belt. Alicia is a genuine spanking enthusiast who loves to explore real-life discipline now that she is a grown woman but Clare Fonda is always happy to let her be the naughty little girl.

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